The Witch With The Glitch: A Halloween Adventure (The Lost Bookshop Book 3)

Written by Adam Maxwell

Friends with a secret. A mysterious room. A spell that threatens them all.

Once again drawn to the adventure that awaits in the hidden room in The Lost Bookshop, Nina, Ivy and Oswald pick up a book that transports them straight into a fairytale.

Witches abound on Halloween and they soon cross paths with the Witch with the Glitch who casts a spell over them all. They have until the clock strikes midnight to find the mysterious Izzy and break the spell or they will be stuck in the fairytale land forever.

Will they make it in time?

The Witch with the Glitch is the third book in the Lost Bookshop series of stand-alone stories that feature a young, curious and adventure seeking cast. For middle grade readers, the Witch with the Glitch will thrill your children, whether it is their first visit to the Lost Bookshop or their third.

Pick up The Witch with the Glitch today and let them join the adventure.


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