The Washington Adventure

Written by Stephen Michael Moore
Category: · History

‘William Peel is a brilliant character, an aristocratic buffoon – so wealthy he is beyond reproach, and lacking any self awareness, he makes for a superbly comic protagonist. This is a brilliant example of the historical comedy genre’ – Harper Collins

The Washington Adventure is a Gold Medal winner on Harper Collins’ international book platform, Authonomy, ultimately reaching No.1 in their chart. At the time of reaching the coveted ‘Editor’s Desk’ it was the highest rated comedy on the site and amongst the highest rated books of all time.

It was rated 4.5 / 5 by hundreds of Authonomy readers with reviews such as… ‘well written, funny and highly entertaining’, ‘brilliant’, ‘comic genius’, ‘hysterical fiction’, ‘absolutely hilarious’.

Set in 1814 amidst the British and American war, The Washington Adventure follows the story of legendary pompous idiot, William (Lord) Peel of Tornbridge, the inept financier who arrives on the east coast of America with a ship full of gold and slaves and hopes of clinching a lucrative land deal.

With British forces stretched by the never-ending war with Napoleon, President Madison has chosen his moment to strike and needs gold for weapons and slaves to complete the country’s new capital, Washington. Unbeknown to William and Madison, however, Europe’s war with Bonaparte has ended and four thousand battle-hardened veterans – Wellington’s Invincibles – have been dispatched across the Atlantic with orders to Raise Hell. By the time William arrives in Chesapeake Bay it isn’t the welcoming embrace of the President that greets him but the British poised for invasion.
Based around true events, The Washington Adventure follows a chain of catastrophes that sees William’s slaves being taken by the British to fight the Americans and ends with him being blamed for the destruction of the White House as the new capital is obliterated in a single night.

Taken from William Peel’s own journals and corroborated by the Tornbridge Museum, The Washington Adventure gives an unparalleled glimpse into one of the most extraordinary events in Anglo American history; not to mention finally opening up the bizarre and inane world of one of Europe’s most influential buffoons.


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