The Warrior’s Reward

Written by Samantha Holt

Following the failure of the rebellion, Wales is a desperate country. As is the illegitimate son of the Prince of Wales, Ieuan. He is forced to travel from Wales to England to take part in a joust in a bid to get close to a woman—the famed Treasure of Tynewell.

He soon discovers Rosamunde de Lacy certainly lives up to her name. And seems as pampered and as innocent as he thought she’d be. Nevertheless, Ieuan needs her dowry to help rebuild his castle and bring back prosperity to his people. But will such a delicate treasure be able to survive the harsh and dangerous lands of Wales?

After being fairly charmed by the rough knight and his chivalrous ways, Rosamunde might have been receptive to a courtship from the Welshman. But she certainly never intended to be betrothed to him within days of meeting him. Unfortunately, Rosamunde is left with little choice but to marry the warrior who doesn’t seem nearly so charming now he’s secured her hand.

While Ieuan plans to rebuild his siege-scarred castle, Rosamunde has plans of her own. Wales might be barbaric and her husband even more so, but she’s determined to prove herself as something more than a prize to be won.

With danger abound and her husband hiding his parentage—one that might see him hung as a traitor—can either of them see each other as something more than a barbarian and a princess? Will they even survive the tense political climate long enough to see eye to eye?


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