The Vagabond Codes (A Christian Young Adult Survival Thriller) (Knight of the Apokalypse Series Book 1)

Written by J.D. Stone

Fourteen-year-old Benedict Knight’s family was prepared. His late father was the top robotics warfare scientist at DARPA, and he knew about artificial intelligence’s threat to mankind. Ben’s dad warned everybody, even the President. But nobody listened. Six months later, the catastrophic Surge hits.

In a flash, Southern California–and probably the world–is in ruins. But Ben is a trained survivor. So he pretty much expected that bloodthirsty gangs would ravage the land once law and order broke down. He even expected the rise of the Vagabonds, those freak androids with a techno-psychotic obsession to be the last of the human race. But he never expected that he’d have to protect twenty fellow orphans in his family’s wilderness retreat. And now food and medicine are running dangerously low.

After a daring night mission goes terribly wrong, Ben comes upon the mysterious Stranger, who has a startling revelation about the Knight family that could change the future. Or so he says.

Torn between protecting his orphaned friends and fulfilling a father’s dying wish, Ben sets off on a perilous journey in search of the final link in the Vagabond Codes.


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