The Unbreakable Curse: A Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Fantasy (Accursed Archangels #1)

Written by Alexia Purdy
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Accursed Archangels is a breakneck young adult urban fantasy adventure series which will appeal to readers of paranormal romance, vampires, reverse harems, angels, demons, and supernatural lore. 

Thalia Brennan’s destiny is one she doesn’t understand. As a cursed immortal, she was banished from entering heaven years ago. When paradise is out of reach, one must bargain away their fate.

Recruited by a corrupt archangel named Ereziel, Thalia must fight her way back into heaven and find a way through the gates of purgatory. Tasked with killing souls so vile, their darkness must be extinguished and collected as currency back into heaven. Thalia gains an unfortunate reputation as a blood-thirsty, self-destructing mercenary.

When one of vile souls tells her she’ll never be able to buy her way back into purgatory to reach heaven for she is not from either kingdom, she doesn’t believe him, even when he gifts her a locket he claims belongs to her. Killing him only brings the wrath of all the orders of demons and archangels in the city. Barely escaping their clutches alive, she must hustle to discover what the locket does and to confirm if a legendary realm outside of heaven, hell, and earth truly exists.

Books in this series: 
The Unbreakable Curse
The Cursed Labyrinth – Coming June 25th
The Irredeemable Soul – Coming Soon


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