The Unbreakable Cord: A tragic accident leads to a journey of faith

Written by Bobbie Brown

The Unbreakable Cord is the powerful story of one mother’s harrowing ordeal—an ordeal that begins in the trauma waiting area on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

With the help of a stuffed dog named Woody, author Bobbie Bomar-Brown relates the dramatic story of what happens after learning that her twenty-five-year-old daughter, Jennifer, was injured in a high-speed rear-end crash caused by a drunk driver.

Jennifer has a head wound requiring twenty-six staples and an open-book pelvis break that will require surgery as soon as she is stable. But when an X-ray reveals that her spinal cord is nearly severed, save for a connection of less than a millimeter, the surgery is put on hold…and then she suffers a stroke, leaving her left side unresponsive.

Jennifer will remain in intensive care for a month—with both Bobbie and Woody by her side the whole time. Amazingly, despite the alarming diagnoses and many complications, Jennifer not only survives her injuries but goes on to rehab and moves forward toward healing and forgiveness.

As these overwhelming events unfold, The Unbreakable Cord demonstrates that the most difficult experiences can make a positive impact and become a stepping-stone in strengthening one’s faith in God.


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