The True Story of Andersonville Prison: A Defense of Major Henry Wirz: The Prisoners and Their Keepers, Daily Life at Prison, Execution of the Raiders, … the Accusations Against Wirz, The Trial

Written by George Rawlinson
Category: · History

This book written by James Madison Page, a Northern soldier, represents an important narrative of Andersonville prison in Georgia. Madison brings his defense of the prison commander Henry Wirz, who was charged by the U.S. Government and executed after the Civil War. The author’s description of the trial, conviction, and execution of Wirz is extremely sympathetic and provides an alternative view of the Confederacy in the Civil War.
Andersonville: The Prisoners and Their Keeper
My First Soldiering
A Sprint and a Capture
A Prisoner at Belle Isle
From Belle Isle to Andersonville
“The Dead-Line” and the Death of “Poll Parrot”
The Stanton Policy
Execution of the Raiders
The Mass Meeting of July Twentieth
The Fate of a Traitor
Billy Bowles Gives a Dinner in Baltimore
Henry Wirz: The Man and His Trial
The Facts of Wirz’s Life
The Accusations Against Wirz
The Trial
The Last Days of Wirz S Life
Wirz’s Attorney’s Final Word
The Great War Secretary



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