The Treasure of Anasazi Indians

Written by James Sannes

The story is set in the 1890’s near the Arizona-Mexico borders. It starts with the main character that has been named “No Name” in order to shut off his past.
Three renegade Apaches are chasing him. He has been forced to run for his life after the Indians killed his partner and friend.
Due to the rain he was able to shake the Apaches off his trail. After days of running, and being starved and wet, he finds a cave for the evening.
The next morning he stumbles across a trail into the cliffs that lead in to a Box Canyon.
There “No Name” finds an old rock house with a very interesting looking bundle .
“My God what can make this bundle so heavy?” he thought, as he moved it to the table with great care.
His heartbeat starts to race, “Just what can it be”, he wonders, setting it down very carefully.
Opening the bundle he first sees an old map, and what looks like a diary. Under the map his eyes almost pop out of his head, for he can’t believe what he’s looking at. Gold discs five in all, each one the size of his hand.


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