The Tiny House Revolution: A Guide to Living Large in Small Spaces

Written by Michael Holtby
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Living Large in Small Spaces

Homeownership is the “American dream,” and it’s quite apparent that we are comfortable with dreaming big. Americans have always built the largest homes on the planet.

Recently, however, there has been a quiet undercurrent bucking that trend. Some have questioned what all of this extra space is really buying us (apart from a larger mortgage). Some among us are wondering if there isn’t a better way of living out there.

The Tiny House Revolution

Inside, you’ll learn all about Tiny Houses and the lifestyle that comes with them.

Learn “What You Need versus What You Want.

Explore the Benefits of Living Small

Discover the 9 Ways a Tiny House Can Change Your Life

You’ll find all that, and so much more.

Written by Amazon Best-Selling author Michael Holtby, The Tiny House Revolution opens up a whole new way of living: smart, economical and revolutionary!


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