The Tie’s The Limit (The Fashionista and The Geek Book 2)

Written by Megan Bryce

You can’t go home again? Yeah, tell that to Gia Abelli’s parents. After crumbling under the guilt trip from hell, Gia’s forced to leave the greatest city on Earth (New York!) to move in with her parents in… Florida? Hurricanes, alligators, and beer? Oh, my.

Forced to give up her (okay, meager) apartment and her (not particularly lucrative) job, she falls back on the one thing she could do in her sleep: shopping! With help from her too-large and too-Italian family, she’s been set up as Florida’s premier fashion consultant. But if there’s anything worse than 400-degree heat and having to actually drive (and park) an obscenely large SUV, it’s having to shop for an ice-cold accountant who doesn’t realize he can’t wear the same damn tie every damn day…

Mac Sullivan has been given an ultimatum: fix his wardrobe or kiss his promotion goodbye. Despite the fact that no one can adequately explain what exactly is wrong with wearing the same looking tie every day, or that he’s not exactly sure he wants the promotion anyway, he’s been saddled with New York. Glittery, bubbly New York who’s never met a sequined flip-flop she didn’t love, and who thinks she can dress him in something she likes to call “English Lord”…

Well, she can think again. She’ll dress him normal, and she’ll keep the glitter and sequins out of his office, even if it is starting to look a little dull when she’s gone…

The Tie’s The Limit is the standalone sequel to Boring Is The New Black.


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