The Six Million Dollar Retiree: Your roadmap to a six million dollar retirement nest egg

Written by Arthur V. Prosper
Category: · Business & Money

***IF A STOCK MARKET CRASH WORRIES YOU, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK***UPDATED*** Includes information on how the new tax law, the TAX CUTS and JOBS ACT of 2017, PUBLIC LAW 115-97 affects the retirement strategy in this book.
A healthy and stress-free lifestyle is the best gift you can give to yourself and to your loved ones. What is the point of living longer in retirement if you are in poor health, living in constant pain and you have become a burden to your family?
The retirement strategy in this book is a straight-line route towards a six million dollar retirement nest egg. Sufficient retirement savings will minimize your stress, worries and anxieties. Enough money will improve your quality of life in retirement. When you have this amount of money in retirement, you can eschew any of the other investments and retirement schemes financial and retirement planners, insurance agents and annuity salesmen try to sell you. Annuities, permanent life insurance, tax free retirement planning, Medicaid planning, Elder care planning, ILIT, long term care planning, QLAC, Dynasty Trust, J&S Insurance Policy, Family Bank RMD, family foundations, off-shore accounts and other products may not benefit you at all (see the Chapter, INSURANCE POLICY vs. IRA). Do the math like I did in the various charts shown in this book to make sure you understand what you are getting into. The sellers of these products won’t even be able to explain them to you in language that you can understand. You will pay them their expensive professional fee and they may not be around in 20 years when you need them. In many cases, what you think you bought is not what they sold you. Many of these insurance products are riddled with fine prints that you will need a lawyer to explain the plans to you and after doing the math you may realize that you would be better off to leave your retirement savings alone, take the RMD, pay the taxes and reinvest the after tax proceeds that you don’t need to live on. Your calculation may show, as mine did, that you will leave your heirs more money by following the strategy in this book. I believe “Retirement Planning” is a whole new industry that was created that only a select few actually benefit from. If insurance companies lose money by selling permanent life insurance and annuities, they will ALL be out of business. Follow the steps shown in this book. You and your spouse will have $6 million dollars when you reach full retirement age and you will leave more money to your heirs. What can be simpler than saving $1000 dollars a month inside your retirement account, investing the money wisely so that you will not lose a penny of it, earning 10% annual return, buying your principal residence and collecting SS benefits at the right time? It is time to implement this stress-free game plan while you are still young. When you stop worrying, you start enjoying, you start living. Life is good. Make it even better in retirement!


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