The Sinister Secrets of the Snake Mirror (The Sinister Case Series Book 1)

Written by Constance Barker
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

An Ancient Mirror Threatens Death and Madness

***This is a Paranormal Mystery***

The mysterious death of a wealthy matriarch…
A cameo that pulses when danger is present…
An antique shop only open in the dead of night…
A funky sidekick…

Grace Longstreet just wants to go to the beach, but when the matriarch of a wealthy family dies mysteriously in her home, the ocean breezes will have to wait. When the family of the deceased wants Grace to declare the death suspicious, her intuition flares.

Grace is an insurance appraiser/adjuster for fine antiquities and a part time archeologist. She also wears a magical cameo that warns her of impending danger. Her mother’s death, ruled a suicide, has always haunted her and she believes the death wasn’t what it seemed as well.

Grace longs for peace, but her heritage, job and the people in her life give her just the opposite. Now as she sifts through the fine antiquities left by the deceased, she comes upon a pair of ancient mirrors with ornate snake frames. Her cameo goes spastic. Are the mirrors cursed? Did they have something to do with woman’s death? Can they be to blame for the next two deaths?

Find out as Grace, and her wacky sidekick Paisley, search for clues in this newest series.


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