The Seeker’s Stone #1 DNA in the Deep: Science Adventures for Kids!

Written by Kelly Epperson
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“It’s like The Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus teamed up for a Science Adventure!  I couldn’t stop reading.”

“Emily!” John yelled. She whirled around toward him. “John, I thought you might have gotten hurt,” she said. “No way! You have to see this,” he said, “Catie found it!”

She reached the rock John stood on and looked down into the hole.  “Unbelievable!” she gasped, staring in amazement at the inside of what had seemed to be a rock only a moment before.

She saw fancy computer screens, crazy science equipment, and glass aquarium tanks. Red, orange, purple and green liquids bubbled from one beaker to another through glass tubes.  A kid-sized, futuristic space helmet hung on the back of each chair.  “John, this is incredible!” Emily said, “We need to go tell Julie.”

“No way,” John replied, “If we tell the grown-ups they’ll take it away.  I’m going inside with Catie.”

“I don’t think we should, John,” Emily said.  But John, who had been afraid of the cold water, wasted no time climbing down into the hole.

Annoyed, Emily clambered down the metal ladder after John.  Inside, the room didn’t feel cramped like she had expected.  They wandered from one station to another in amazement.

Emily looked around, growing more anxious by the minute.  “Somebody must have left it here,” she said, “Don’t touch anything.  We don’t want to break it.”

“Break it, schmake it,” John said, “Maybe these computers can tell us how they work.”

As if reading his mind, the large screen in front of the two chairs powered on.  A strange computer voice spoke to them, saying, “Hello! I am the Computer Assistant for Testing and Exploration, but you may call me Catie.  What would you like to learn today?”

“Cool,” John said, “There’s a voice assistant like at the house.  Hey, Catie!  They named the ship after you!”  Emily looked around.  She saw no sign of the other girl.

“I don’t know John,” Emily replied, “I think we should go.  Catie, where are you?  Let’s get out of here!”

“Please do not go,” the voice said.

Emily turned around in amazement.  “You can understand what we say?” she asked.

“I can do more than that!” the voice replied, “I can run experiments, pilot this ship and more.  I can project a hologram of a little girl.  I brought you here, John!”  John and Emily looked at each other, eyes wide.

“What is this thing? A spaceship?” Emily asked.

“Not exactly,” Catie replied in her computer assistant voice, “I am a Seeker’s Stone.  I do much more than travel through outer space.”

“Where did you come from computer?” Emily asked.

“Please call me Catie,” the computer responded, “I have been trying to discover that myself.”

Before they know it, Emily and John plunge into an epic adventure to help Catie, and make it home alive.  Can Emily and John find the wits and courage to survive their encounter with The Seeker’s Stone?

“This series covers science like The Magic Treehouse covers history.  Kids will love the adventure and illustrations, and accidentally learn science concepts.  The story is engaging, and the science is solid, well-researched and clearly presented.”

“The quality is impeccable.  The story grabs you and won’t let go.  On the edge of my seat, I found myself learning about DNA, Viruses and Cells.  As much fun as a parent as it is for my kids.  I love the illustrations, storytelling and imagination.”

The Seeker’s Stone: DNA in the Deep is a Science Adventure Chapter Book for ages 7-13.  Younger audiences enjoy the story and older kids learn important science concepts.  Fans of Science Fiction, The Magic Tree House, The Magic School Bus, Octonauts, Wild Kratts, and of course, Science Fact, will love The Seeker’s Stone!


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