The Secret Letter Book 2- Deadly Reunion

Written by Roger Hayden

The chain letter killer is ready to deliver his final act, twenty-five years in the making.

The chain letter killer is still at large, leading Detective Michael Dobson on a frantic chase to end the small-town murder spree before another victim is found. But the killer’s list isn’t complete, and the Summerville High School reunion is right around the corner. A state-wide manhunt has yielded few results, and the disappearance of Dobson’s rookie partner, Angie Sterling, has him fearing the worst. Meanwhile, Sterling tries to escape captivity at the hands of the mysterious killer everyone is looking for. She soon learns everything about him and his vengeful plans to wreak havoc on those who had wronged him so many years ago. Can she stop him, or will Dobson have to connect the dots before it’s too late? Nothing is for certain and no one is safe in this thrilling conclusion of Roger Hayden’s explosive serial killer mystery, Secret Letter!


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