The Search for South Pole Santa: A South Pole Santa Adventure (South Pole Santa Series Book 1)

Written by JingleBelle Jackson

When the population alarm goes off at the North Pole, it sends elves scurrying to help Santa find a solution that will protect the joy of Christmas for every child around the world. The search is on for a second Santa, South Pole Santa.

Many people apply and as the world waits to hear the results, the finalists are summoned to the Pole for a magical competition. After twists, turns, adventures, narrow escapes and lots of hijinks, the contest becomes an opportunity for Santa to select the most unexpected contestant.

This first book in the South Pole Santa series, is full of mayhem, magic, mystery, bad guys, dark caves and a good dose of elves! Not just for the Christmas lovers amongst us, anyone who enjoys a fun-filled adventure where kindness reigns in the end, will enjoy this timely new holiday choice.

Oh, Oh, Oh!


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