The Science of Attracting Money: How To Be a True “Money Magnet”

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What if everything they’ve told you about how to make money and get the things you want is wrong?!

What if “getting ahead” financially were not only easy, but fun?

What if the process of improving your own financial position could actually make the world a better place? In fact, what if it were required that you make the world a better place while improving your own financial position?

What if attracting any amount of money were as simple as following a formula; and what if the formula did not work, and you could go back and repeat the process, learning and correcting what you had done wrong?

What if you learned that most financially successful people throughout history got that way by knowing these questions were true, and by following the aforementioned “formula?”

What if spiritual, business, and financial leaders since the beginning of time have tried to share this information, and we simply haven’t listened?

In this important new work, Kerry O’Hallaron explores each of these questions and more. He lays out his findings in an easy-to-read, humorous and uplifting format, without departing from the book’s premise.

Can the above questions be true? You decide. Many have, long before O’Hallaron’s time. He simply brings us a modern interpretation of a timeless classic.

Read, enjoy, and employ the important teachings as you learn an elegantly simple approach to enjoying new streams of income and the many things you can buy when you have money!


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