The River Witch

Written by Helena Rookwood

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The Kingdom of Faerie has been sleeping for centuries, through the ages of iron and metal and glass. But now technology has failed, the digital world is over and, finally, something has disturbed the fae from slumber…

Tabitha is a misfit. She’s hopelessly naïve, more comfortable in the pages of her books than talking to the other villagers, and spends most of her time chattering away to the river that runs through her village.

The rest of the village all agree – she is definitely odd.

But when the little folk start wreaking havoc and something old and terrible wakes up in the river, it falls to Tabitha to leave home in search of the fabled Iron City, home to the only humans who still have any memory of the fae and who might be able to help her village.

Tabitha wasn’t born an adventurer. And with only a simple book of fairytales to help her navigate this strange new world full of faeries and sprites and pixies, she quickly finds herself way out of her depth…

The River Witch is the first in a new fairytale-inspired fantasy series set in post-technology Britain.

Faerie is waking up again – don’t miss it when it does.


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