The Reckless Years: A Marriage made in Chemical Heaven

Written by Frank Kusy


“…a fascinating and heart-warming tale which is a wonderful read…”
“…an explosive corker of a book…”
“…written with a no-holds-barred honesty that’s often surprising…”
“…searingly painful, painfully funny, often poignant and always entertaining…”

When Frank’s mother dies on his wedding day, his life spirals into a hopeless existence of drink, drugs and depression. How will his marriage to his new bride Madge survive? How will he keep his travel writing career afloat? And how will he cope when a vengeful customs official threatens his business in India?

“A memoir about a troubled marriage formed on reckless indulgence being rebuilt offers a fascinating narrative arc. Like all good biographies, ‘The Reckless Years’ is as engaging and dramatic as fiction.”~ Scott Pack, Harper Collins


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