The Reaper’s Seed Series Boxed Set (Books 1 – 3)

Written by Jaffrey Clark
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A peerless blade. An ancient promise. An epic quest.

Corred is heir to the Sword of Amilum. But as a season of peace in the Lowlands is shattered by a quick succession of violent attacks from Mornoc’s forces, his world is turned upside down. While finding the love of his life, Corred is thrown into a race against time to save his grandfather, and the only weapon the enemy has ever feared. He finds friends to help him, but even so, can he trust them all? Mornoc has many spies and will stop at nothing to conquer the free people of the Lowlands.

The Reaper’s Seed Boxed Set gives you the first three books in what will be a four book series. This new epic fantasy has an old soul, drawing its inspirations from the likes of Lewis and Tolkien in its metaphorical meaning and fantastical depth. Discover the story that people are calling “absolutely captivating,” “spellbinding” and “beautifully told.”


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