The Proverb Effect: Secrets to Creating Tiny Phrases that Change the World

Written by Ron Ploof
Category: · Business & Money


What do the following statements have in common?

• Slow and steady wins the race (Aesop, ~550 BC)
• Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today (Chaucer, late 1300s)
• Stupid is as stupid does (Gump, 1994)

They’re all proverbs—the ultimate long-stories short that convey more meaning than the words used to construct them. They’re universally human, independent of time, culture, and language. They’re policies for making better life decisions, passed from the experienced to the inexperienced. And while it’s tempting to dismiss them as droll or trite, doing so just underestimates the roles they play in both human understanding and teaching.

The Proverb Effect is the first book to define a repeatable process to convey deep meaning through self-created proverbs. Read it to learn:

•Why proverbs reign supreme over other message types
•What makes proverbs the triple-threat of communications: memorable, repeatable and most importantly, persuasive
•A step-by-step methodology to apply the most powerful communications device in human history

The best writers, speakers, and teachers use proverbs. You should too.


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