The Procrastination Cure: Life-Changing Secrets To Overcome Procrastination, Master Your Mind, And Become More Proactive!

Written by Marie Johnson
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You have a deadline looming. Stop putting off important tasks.

If you are (1) tired of procrastination, (2) get all stressed out and exhausted, and (3) familiar with the pain and stress that goes along with putting things off, this book is for you – written by someone exactly like you. Mindfulness meditation for procastinators is going to shed light on exactly how mindfulness can create more peace
, more happiness, and a more purpose filled life.

The Best tactics for your most demanding live obligations.

Mindfulness meditation takes you on a tour of self-discovery, and allows you to understand your exact wiring and why you are always overwhelmed. You’ll be armed with specific and actionable tips to make an impact every time you make any decision.

How can you go from “standing” to “moving”? 

Marie Johnson is a bestselling author and life coach. More importantly, she’s also a dedicated minimalist. In this book, she will teach you how to feel completely at ease with yourself, while detaching for a happier life.

Exactly what to do, how to spend much more of your time with the really important things in life

  • Meditation 101: Techniques, Benefits, and a Beginner’s How-to
  • Powerful Tips to Overcome Negative Thoughts
  • How to Train your Brain to Kick the Worry Habit
  • Try This If You’re Struggling to Find Your Passion
  • Tools to Help Keep Track of Habits and Goals
  • Procrastination Is Not Laziness
  • When You Love Yourself First, Life Will Take Care Of The Rest
  • Unplugged – Why You May Need To Take A Digital Detox

Find your Clear vision in our hectic world.

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