The Prince of Eridu: A Novel of Ancient Sumeria (Novels of Ancient Sumeria Book 1)

Written by Jesse Hudson

This is the first in a seven-part series that will sweep you into the alluring and dangerous world of the first empire in history, an exotic and yet eerily familiar place that gave birth to many of the ideas that can still be found battling for hearts and minds among the world’s religions today.
The story is experienced through the eyes of Ammon-shur, a prince of the ancient and exotic city of Eridu, who barely escapes a palace coup instigated by the shadowy and ruthless organization whose vile practices were decried for millennia by ancient Hebrew prophets, Greek philosophers and Roman sages alike.
This wild adventure, based on the oldest written records of both Mediterranean and Mesopotamian sources, depicts a time when the protections of cultures and kingdoms were torn away by the sweeping changes in technology, religion and climate which pushed ancient peoples into bloody conflict with one another and led directly to the dissemination of the stories of heroes and prophets which still circulate in Western thought today.


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