The Primary Protocol: A Michael Bishop Supernatural Adventure (The Dossiers of Asset 108 Book 2)

Written by J.M. Guillen

Castaway in a hostile reality. Hunted by telepathic zealots. Trapped within an endless, labyrinthine city…

Michael Bishop has been captured by forces unknown.

Stricken with amnesia and wandering within dank, unused tunnels, Asset 108 might be in a situation he can’t snark or seduce his way out of. Accompanied by his terminally gorgeous girlfriend, he finds himself floundering through firefights at the center of an interdimensional web of schemes.

He doesn’t even remember how to use a gun.

A firestorm of bullets and an elegant ruse later, Michael stumbles into an alternate dimension, a terrifying plane of existence far from his own. Now, with a few old friends and none of his fancy technology, Bishop has to navigate a city of intrigue and alien horror.

Inhuman machinations loom in the shadows of this place- schemes that threaten the Facility itself…

The Primary Protocol: A Michael Bishop Supernatural Thriller is the second standalone book in the Dossiers of Asset 108 series. If you like wildly sarcastic characters, other-dimensional weirdness, and zany cybertech, then you’ll love JM Guillen’s action-packed otherworldly adventure!

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