The Prepper’s Guide To: Off The Grid: Survival: An Introduction Into Living A Self Sufficient, Stress Free Lifestyle In Financial Peace (Grid Down, Stockpile. Survival Handbook, Prepare For Anything)

Written by Henry Hill
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The Prepper’s Guide To Off The Grid Survival

Have you had enough of working day in day out, paying the rising cost of living and thinking of living off the grid?
Henry Hill’s guide to a off the grid living provides an eye-opening and intuitive insight into the financial and social pressures of today’s society while providing an all-encompassing method to alleviate such demands on your life by what he calls, “Living Off the Grid.” Hill stresses the importance of being in financial peace while maintaining a productive lifestyle.

This book is a guide for everything from household alternatives to public utilities to growing your own produce and raising livestock. This starts as simple as using solar panels to reduce dependence on the power “grid” to providing detailed instructions on how to make ethanol to cook with. Off-the-grid homes are autonomous they do not rely on municipal water supply, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services. A true off-grid house is able to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services. Hill mainly focuses on understanding behind the modern day utilities while also emphasizing on how to manage the things without them.

This vision and mission truly include how to get started in all parts of everyday life and goes on to mature with the audience reading this book. The book literally guides you on how to grow, while growing your own food! Though the goal of this book is financial freedom in the long-term, there are significant amount of start-up costs but options are provided for those that are on the tightest of budgets to begin with.

If you are looking to go “Off the Grid” yourself or are just curious in how this lifestyle is manageable, this is a must-have book to better familiarize yourself with the subject. This eye-opening experience will almost undoubtedly either make you want to follow this lifestyle or change your consumption patterns indefinitely.

With This Book You Will…

  • Learn The Pros And Cons Of Living Off The Grid
  • Learn The Most Viable Alternatives To City Gas, Water And Electricity
  • Learn The Basics Of Growing Your Own Produce
  • Learn The Basics Of Living With Small Livestock
  • Learn Money Management Tips & Bartering
  • Learn How To Deal With Local Laws Concerning Off The Grid Living
  • Much, Much More

Readers Say:

“Well, since childhood I had a dream of living away from the hustle and bustle of city life where life is so burdensome and complex. I have always yearned for a simpler life because I feel the essence of a happier life is a simple life where you only own things that you really need, do only what you need to for your basic survival. Its a style of living where you have minimum needs and u r contended when these are satisfied”……….Stephanie

“The Prepper’s Guide To Off The Grid Survival is an essential book that will teach you on how you can live in an easy lifestyle having that sufficient income you need by urban farming. Good tips and well explained basic urban farming guide for beginners who want to start urban farming”……….Marian

“This is a amazing book if you ever wanted to know about the off the grid life. The author does a wonderful job of exploring the breadth and depth of the off grid movement. For those of you who have done off grid projects or live off grid you get an appreciation of the challenges and joys”………. R. Lopz

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