The Power of Heart Language: 7 Proven Ways To Connect, Inspire & Influence

Written by Monte Taylor

Your ability to “influence others with integrity” is one of the most uplifting, life-fulfilling, and confidence-building skills you can ever develop. It is a foundational relationship building skill that amplifies all others.

The undeniable truth is, the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. Every penny you earn, every important goal you achieve, and every joyful memory you experience will undoubtedly involve others.

THE POWER OF HEART LANGUAGE is an illuminating guidebook featuring a timeless combination of practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom. You will learn proven communication principles to help you inspire, persuade, and encourage others. You will discover extraordinary skills you can apply again and again in your life with great success.

•Proven secrets to getting through to others with ease
•Communication principles that attract others like a magnet
•What really matters when it comes to human motivation
•How to readily lift other’s energy and self-esteem
•A quality that’s so compelling, people will continually seek more of it from you
•Habits that enhance your ability to communicate, encourage, and inspire others
•How to conveniently create connection, closeness, and rapport
•How to turn ordinary conversations into extraordinary experiences
•How to handle difficult conversations with grace, inner peace, and wisdom
•How to develop more peaceful and loving relationships
•How to readily make friends and valuable connections
•How to effortlessly expand your people-charisma
•How to become a powerful “difference maker” in the lives of others
•How to harness and develop your personal law of attraction
•How to create an island of calm and serenity in your life

You will discover:
•An ancient “attitude” that dramatically improves overall health, helps lowers blood pressure decrease stress, improves productivity and creates heightened well being
•Powerful two-minute exercises that help you attain a state of inner peace and calmness
•Habits that automatically create a state of non-judgment and compassion
•How to quickly develop a renewed zest, joy, and contagious enthusiasm for life
•The incredible sense of peace and fulfillment that comes from encouraging others
•A renewed appreciation for your spouse, friends, and family
•How to discover what someone needs or wants in his or her “heart of hearts.”
•How to immediately lift anyone’s energy and self-esteem
•A simple secret for making a positive difference in other’s lives
•The secret to releasing years hurt, bitterness and emotional pain, forever!
•A unique daily ritual that can manifest astounding miracles in your life
•How to leave your past behind once and for all


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