The Passive Income Physician: Surviving a Career Crisis by Expanding Net Worth

Written by Thomas Black
Category: · Business & Money

Even the best and brightest doctors lack a financial education. And that’s why so many high-income earners eventually face a career crisis.

Now there is a remedy for medical and other veteran and aspiring professionals—and it does not require predicting or investing in the stock market.

THE PASSIVE INCOME PHYSICIAN is the story of a former U.S. Navy veteran who became an emergency medicine physician only to realize his
profession was causing personal harm.

Thomas Black MD found a solution for his career dissatisfaction by trusting a passion for real estate investing that he’d nurtured while in residency.

His transformation from ER doctor to the founder of an asset management firm with over $40 million in holdings is one part memoir, one part whistle blower—over 50 percent of America’s doctors report “burn out”—and a generous portion of financial makeover expert. You’ll learn how to rethink your plan for an abundant future.

In various financial market interviews, the author has said his mission is to help other professionals get their money on track.

“Real estate investing is my passion because it is also my salvation. It is not enough to be ‘rich.’ Wealth is freedom. It gives us choices and removes a lot of stress.”

THE PASSIVE INCOME PHYSICIAN reveals how well-paid professionals waste money by investing in common but unreliable paper assets. The book also provides evidence-based solutions for expanding net worth.

1 | Critical Failure

2 | A Zeal for Excellence

3 | Rejecting Inexperience

4 | Flawed Thinking

5 | First House

6 | Buying in Houston

7 | Follow Your Heart

8 | What’s the Catch?

9 | Family Owned

10 | To Manage or Not To Manage

11 | No Turning Back

12 | Rolling It Over

13 | Managing Assets

14 | Class Action

15 | Mass Appeal: A Cautionary Tale

16 | Life in Storage

17 | Decreasing Risk

18 | Satisfaction: Retiring Old Ideas


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