The No B.S. Guide to Time Management: The Simple Art of Getting More Done (in Less Time)

Written by Michael R. Clarke
Category: · Business & Money

Wanna master the SECRETS to Time Management? (But don’t have TIME to READ a Time Management book?)

Well, you’ve come to the RIGHT place!

Because in his new book “The No B.S. Guide to Time Management,” serial entrepreneur — and finalist for the laziest/most distracted person on the planet — Michael R. Clarke shares how to get more done (in less time) and achieve that relaxed, fulfilled (and insanely successful) entrepreneurial life you’ve always dreamed of.

In this bite-sized, humourous, No B.S. guide, Clarke will walk you through such time management principles as:

“How to Hack Your Brain (and Life) for Maximum Time Management Awesomeness” – in which Clarke gives you the LEAST you need to know to master your productivity in just minutes a day

“Prioritizing and Planning Made (Stupidly) Easy” – Forget all that boring, goal-setting nonsense you’ve heard before, here you’ll find out how to achieve the goals most important to you…without a single boring pie chart!

“How to Delegate and Streamline Important Crap (So Ya Don’t Have to Do It!)” – If you only read ONE CHAPTER in this book (which would be sad, but the author would get over it) be sure to read this ultimate list of lifehacks and short-cuts to get more done…FAST!

“Organization Tips for the Chronically Disorganized” – Learn how to declutter for good – and in a fun, simple way that doesn’t cause you to have a psychotic break

…and so much MORE!

So, if you’d like to finally master this thing called “Time Management” — and you’ve tried all the books and seminars and mantras and Excel sheets but nothing seems to have stuck – then give “The No B.S. Guide to Time Management” a try TODAY!


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