The Nibiru Effect: A Time Travel Adventure (Will Save Book 1)

Written by G. Sauvé

A cryptic dream. A strange symbol. A magical ring.

Will’s life will never be the same.

Lured away from his life at the orphanage by the promise of a family reunion, fifteen-year-old Will Save unwittingly embarks on an adventure through time and space.

Catapulted into the distant past. Struggling to survive a dinosaur-infested land. Plagued by a mysterious shapeshifting ability. These are only some of the challenges Will faces as he battles mythical creatures in a desperate attempt to save a race of prehistoric humanoids from a deadly plague.

Avalon is obsessed with altering the course of history. If she succeeds, Will’s entire life will come crumbling down around him. Desperate to protect those he loves and reunite with his long-lost mother, he must accept his destiny and become the saviour everyone believes him to be.

Can he live up to his name and save the world?

Find out in this action-packed, pulse-pounding first installment in a brand-new YA series about courage, love, and destiny.

What are you waiting for? Buy this book today before this timeline is altered and life as we know it ceases to exist.

Release Schedule:

  • The Nibiru Effect (Book 1) – January 15th 2019
  • The Virtuality Theory (Book 2) – February 2nd 2019
  • The Individuality Gene (Book 3) – February 20th 2019


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