The New Spies: Exploring the Frontiers of Espionage

Written by James Adams
Category: · History

The end of the Cold War threw the world’s intelligence agencies into turmoil.

Post Ames, the old security of a superpower confrontation had vanished and with the new world order came a search for a new identity and purpose for the global intelligence community.

At stake was a $50 billion international industry employing a million people.

With unrivalled access to senior intelligence figures in America, Britain and Russia, from the CIA, SIS and SVR, James Adams reveals how the world of secret agencies began to evolve.

In an increasingly turbulent and frightening world of terrorism, chemical warfare and economic espionage, how do secret services conduct their business when it is dictated by uncertain and destabilising political dialogue as well as internal bureaucracy and duplication of military intelligence?

He examines security forces and secret agencies uncovering information vital to national security in a modern and secular world, in the midst of pressure for radical reform and greater transparency when the need for secrecy is greater than ever.

Praise for the author:

“James Adams goes in at the top. When he wants to write about the KGB (now called the SVR) he talks to Primakov, its chief. He sits at a table with the heads of MI5 and MI6 and interviews the head of the CIA. The result is a comprehensive guide to the changing bureaucracies of espionage, thoughtful and provocative.” – Daily Telegraph

“Its breadth is vast and conclusions unnerving. It is a benchmark for intelligence analysis in the aftermath of the Cold war.” –
Yorkshire Post

“Fascinating … valuable’ – Sunday Times

“Partly de-mythologizing and partly revelatory … As reliable a general review of the world’s larger intelligence agencies as you can get.” – T.L.S.

James Adams was born in Newcastle in 1951 and educated at Harrow and Neuchatel University. He was trained as a journalist on the Evening Chronicle, Newcastle, and after a period working in Africa and the USA became chief reporter and then news editor on 8 Days, a magazine specialising in Middle East Affairs. He has held various positions with The Sunday Times including Defence Correspondent. He is married and lives in London.


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