The Morning Star

Written by T.J. Laverne
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

“The Morning Star” tells the tale of a young woman whose life is wrenched apart when she must choose between the love of an angel, a tortured friar, and a social outcast.

In medieval England, eleven-year-old Hattie saves a boy named Ephraim from being beaten to death on the streets for having physical defects. Hattie hides Ephraim in a cave deep in the woods to keep him safe from the prejudices of civilization, and prays often to her guardian angel, the Morning Star, for guidance.

Hattie grows up to love Ephraim, though he keeps her at arm’s length, as he knows he will never be accepted by the rest of humanity. Her love is put to the test when her father swears to marry her off to the richest noble. She meets the young friar, Silas, a tortured soul who is determined to win her love.

When the Black Death plague ravages Europe, the world is in shambles and Hattie’s life along with it. Forces beyond her control threaten to destroy everything she cares for, and she learns more about her Morning Star than she ever believed possible.

Reminiscent of Victor Hugo’s infamous “Notre-Dame de Paris,” Ephraim’s Quasimodo will break your heart and teach you to have faith in love and humanity again.


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