The Millennial’s Playbook to Adulting

Written by Arika L Pierce
Category: · Business & Money

Adulting is a Blast! (said no one ever) The Millennial’s Playbook to Adulting is a must-read for any Millennial that is transitioning into a successful adult. Packed full of practical insights, tips, techniques and real-life stories, this is a one-stop resource on everything from personal branding and networking, to job hunting, finances, and mental/physical health. Whether you just graduated from college or have been adulting for a few years, this book is for you! Consider it your on-demand adulting solution to direct you down the right path. You will come away wiser and better equipped to make smarter decisions. Adulting is hard, but this book will give you the plays to make it easier.

This is great gift for recent college graduates, or any millennial that needs a little adulting support.


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