The Marbury Murders (Rachel Markham Mystery Series Book 5)

Written by PB Kolleri
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

From the bestselling author of Murder at Rutherford Hall, comes the fifth book in the Rachel Markham Mystery Series.

The Marbury Murders

A Rachel Markham Mystery

Book Five – In the Mystery Series

Set in the mesmerising atmosphere of one the grandest aristocratic homes of England, in the dawn of 1948, Rachel and Jeremy are invited by the Countess of Marbury to ostensibly join the house party at Marbury Hall. As they set about to unravel the plot behind Lord Marbury’s attempted murder, they are drawn into a mystery unlike any other.

Amidst the glitter and glamour of the aristocratic jet setting circle, they must race against time to zero in on a devious and manipulative member of the lavish house party, who has murder on the mind. The dramatis personae include a celebrated Italian soprano, a Baron with a penchant for intrigue, an African game hunter, an heir to the Earldom with a gambler’s heart and a woman with a mysterious past in Kenya.

As Rachel and Jeremy dig deeper they stumble upon a web of betrayals, lies, secrets and deceit. Their journey takes them to a place where love and family loyalties collide with the promise of wealth and aspirations. And as the age old lines between the upstairs and downstairs become blurred, the mystery deepens.

Star Reviews for ‘Murder at Rutherford Hall’, ‘Murder at Ravenrock’, ‘The Riverton Case’ and ‘The Santinelli Case on Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love the Rachel Markham series, April 24, 2014 By Doreen Farley
I love mysteries post world war 2! I enjoyed the character of Rachel Markham very much. A delightful and cozy read.

Did it again! July 4, 2014 By Stayce Einnyen
Once again P.B. has given us a lovely book. All I can say that is negative about the story, is I wish they were longer. I hope we get to see loads more of Rachel and Jeremy. Thank you for giving us these delightful books.

By Ellen Grosson February 27, 2015
A little mystery filled with English characters and foibles. Light easy reading, something good for a long cold night. A book reminiscent of Agatha Christie, cozy and comfortable like a warm fire and a cup of coffee.

Good enough to entertain a Christie fan!, April 23, 2013 By Walter Burgess
Lots of good characters and entertaining plot. Truly a who done it with a surprise at the end and fun to boot!

5.0 out of 5 stars A Cozy And Fun Read, February 19, 2013 By L.I. LINDA (LI NY)
This book reads like a P.B.S. television mystery series. I am an Anglophile and enjoyed every page. I highly recommend it to lovers of all things British.

Fantastic and well written, 19 Jan 2013 -By Forensic 321 (Amazon UK)- This is one of the better murder mysteries I have read in a while. I thoroughly enjoyed the picturesque narration.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!, August 20, 2013 By Jessica Strong
This is such a well written story. It truly is a wonderful book and I am sure that it is more than comparable to Agatha Christie. The time period is well researched and is informative of the time just after the war in England. I look forward to the next in the series.
Good story! February 20, 2015 By E. Donahue
Good story, also just finished “Murder at Ravenrock” and it is equally as good. Just enough personal character information without being a biography as many turn out to be. Definitely recommend. If there is another in the series,, I will surely read it also.

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Book 5: The Marbury Murders (Published on 14th April 2015)
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