The Malvern Mystery

Written by Helen Susan Swift

England, 1859. After Lorna Buchanan returns from her trip to India, she looks forward to a quiet life as a teacher in St. Ann’s College.

Instead, she gets tangled in a mystery involving murder and ancient, druidic practices. After Lorna is sacked by the tyrannical head teacher, she is recruited to solve the murder of Mr. Findhorn, a railway conductor.

Liaising with Police Sergeant Caswell, their search for the murderer takes them deep into the world of deception, greed and age-old rituals. But is there something supernatural behind the crimes, or are they driven by a completely different motive?

“I truly appreciated the author’s historical details… An interesting and entertaining novel.” – Amazon customer
“I sincerely hope that this could be the start of a series.” – Amazon customer


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