The Life & Times Of A Full Figured Fashionista: When life throws you curves, Flaunt them!

Written by Dominique Ali


A Riveting tale of two worlds, the Full Figure Fashion world and the world behind the designer masks they wear. This tale chronicles the lives of the major players in the full figure fashion industry, the lengths of which they had to stoop to get and keep their positions in the game, as well as the people who are desperate to become successful in their world.

Full figure writer/whatever is needed to pay the bills Chloe Major, whose recent loss of her man and current unemployed condition has her, starting over again hopefully for the last time as she becomes a part of INDULGENCE MAGAZINE. As an assistant, she’s exposed to what really happens behind the scenes of beautifully coordinated productions, and world class photo shoots. Possibly with a new romance brewing, she becomes acclimated to this new environment, while beginning to question who she is, and what she has become as her morals weaken and conflicts arise.

Chloe’s best friend, party girl debutante tuned working class professional Dee Lawrence has conflicts of her own as an old love comes back just as she starts to finally get serious with one man instead of several men. She allows her sentiments to run away with her until reality gives her a cold slap in the face. Will Dee make the right decisions or will her past hurt the future she’s trying to build. Additional characters include; event promoter to the elite who believes style and professionalism are everything Jayshawn Thomas. The HBIC Editor & Chief of Indulgence Magazine Clair Winters, whose secrets threaten the foundation of the empire she helped to build. With sexy mogul/owner and heir to Black Industries; Hennison Black who has his own hidden agendas. Along with the clever, conniving, stab you in the back to get ahead Malik Robinson.

Each character has a hidden agenda they don’t want exposed, fantastic storylines that come full circle as the story progresses and secrets that could set the FASHION/MEDIA world a blaze! With SEX, LIES, BACK STABBING, EGOTISTICAL DESIGNERS, social climbers, and Drama GALORE each characters interactions could cause CATASTROPHIC meltdowns or help them to rise to the occasion!


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