The Life and Times of William Boule: A gripping serial killer thriller

Written by Max China

Freelance reporter Carla Black writes a book about a serial killer, but to secure a six-figure publishing deal, she needs to lure him into coming after her.
She travels to Morocco acting on a tip-off and finds him, but provoking a psychopath like Boule isn’t a good idea and she soon finds herself in a desperate battle for survival.

What people are saying about The Life and Times of William Boule:

“The author voted as one of the top 50 crime writers to watch last year has created a crime tale looking into the mind of a deranged and psychotic killer.” USA Kindle reviewer

“If you like James Patterson, you will love Max China. This is an intense thriller, with an interesting cast of characters. Highly recommended” USA Kindle reviewer

“This story had me in its grip…and what a story it is. It picks up where The Sister left off. Terrifying, suspenseful, full of surprises. I caught myself holding my breath at times. William Boule is a wicked, wicked man…Just thinking it all over again makes my skin crawl. Max China is a master at his craft, bravo Max China. ” USA Kindle reviewer

“In the past 2 weeks, this is the 3rd Max China book I’ve read!!…Just can’t get enough!!! Max has a writing style all his own!! A page-turner INDEED!! He has made a psychologically charged thriller yet again!! I just love that the characters in this and his other books go together…but can stand alone too!! Max China has opened my eyes to this genre of book but I’m afraid he may have set the bar too high!!! I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good cat and mouse chase!! He has a way to take your breath away…I can’t believe with this much talent…it took him so long to start being an author!!!” USA Kindle reviewer

“A simple but very effective plot. A female journalist hatches a plan to draw a serial killer out of hiding, putting her own life and that of friends in danger. Good writing, interesting characters and setting, a hint of paranormal along with natural dialogue made this an enjoyable read, full of suspense and intrigue.” UK Kindle reviewer

“China keeps the reader guessing with the direction the plot is going to take next and the pace is frantic, the chase scenes desperate and nerve-wracking and the pauses in action claustrophobic with menace. Everything gathers pace and momentum neatly until the final showdown which is perfectly pitched in terms of drama. I really was impressed by this book and China is an outstanding writer.” UK Kindle reviewer

“Another gripping story following on from The Sister, Looking forward to more tales with Miller and Carla Black” Australian Kindle reviewer

“A word rare in a world of endless repetitive fiction. This book is unique. The blend of the fey, with the horrors of tainted childhood and foreign places is all stirred with some truly unique characters. I will be find the other an reading them. An excellent book that kept me enthralled.” Canadian Kindle reviewer

If you enjoy fast-paced crime thrillers filled with mystery and suspense, don’t miss this one!


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