The Life Actionbook: Tools and Actions for Personal Development

Written by Steve Shockley
Category: · Business & Money

Paralyzed by analysis? You might be like me. I read dozens of non-fiction books a year, but few actually improve my life. The problem is that reading is a passive activity. To make meaningful change in your life, you need to take action.

The Life Actionbook will help you find your weaknesses, then point you in the right direction toward solving those weaknesses. It’s like a workbook, but instead of “work,” it emphasizes taking “action.”

In writing The Life Actionbook, I curated actionable knowledge from the hundreds of books I’ve read. You will find more than 300 ideas for tools or actions to try. The book identifies nine major categories for self-improvement:

  1. mindset
  2. sleep
  3. time management
  4. career
  5. diet
  6. fitness
  7. social skills
  8. organization
  9. personal finances

Each chapter has questions to assess your strength in one self-improvement category. If you see room for improvement, read the rest of the chapter for tips and actions you can take to improve.

If you’re striving for continuous improvement in your life, let The Life Actionbook guide you.


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