The Last Mayor’s Son: The Nivaka Chronicles: Book 1

Written by Leslie E Heath

The forest beckons… and threatens.

Raised under the watchful care of his uncle, Aibek has been training for war. He just didn’t expect it so soon—or for his summons to come from Nivaka, the treetop village of his birth he thought had long been destroyed.

Now, as the only son of the former mayor, he must return to help the survivors of Nivaka face the same enemy who killed his parents. Thrust into an uncomfortable leadership, Aibek finds help in the unlikeliest of people: the ghosts of his mother and father.

The Last Mayor’s Son is a tale of courage, strength, and the fates intertwined in our histories. Aibek may not be the leader everyone in Nivaka wants. But will he have the strength to be the leader they need? 


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