The Keto Slow Cooker Made Simple: Two Manuscripts: The Keto Diet Made Simple & The Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook

Written by Steven G. Canty

Most diets are just a temporary solution to a complex issue that can’t be fixed
with a few weeks of restrictions and calorie-counting.
They don’t teach you how to change eating habits for the long-term.
Keto is a long term answer, it is a lifestyle.
This book will break down everything you need to know about the Ketogenic lifestyle including meal plans, what to avoid and diet hacks to make going Keto very comfortable.

To reach a state of ketosis you need to limit your net carbohydrate to no more than 15 grams per day. While this might sound extreme, the inclusion of a slow cooker into your daily routine will dramatically simplify the process, which is why this book includes a wide variety of tasty and healthy Keto slow cooker recipes.
You can stop being a victim of modern dietary practices and make a positive change in your waistline and your overall health, start with this book today!

In This Book you will Learn:
•A Clear 2 weeks Ketogenic Diet Plan with Recipes
•Benefits of Ketosis
•The Science of Keto
•Know your macros

•The “DIRTY Dozen”: The 12 foods you should always buy organic
•Complete Grocery List for your Meal Plan
•How to properly Seasoning and Salt
•Fat Bombs, Keto Coffee, MCT Oil & Supplements

You will also find over 60 tasty, healthy and detailed Keto recipes for the slow cooker, such as:

•Mexican breakfast casserole
•Coconut granola bars
•Orange beef stew
•Pork roast with chimichurri sauce
•Shrimp Gumbo
•Fish Pie
•Spicy Chicken Curry
•And more…


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