The Keeper of Lost Things (The Keeper Series Book 1)

Written by Jamie Campbell
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Someone lost her a long time ago.

Do you ever wonder what happens to all the things that are lost? Em Gabrielle does. Not only does she think about it, it is her obsession. Finding and rescuing objects everyone else loses is the only thing keeping the sixteen year old going.

When the father that walked out on her ten years earlier is suddenly reported missing, Em tries to resist the urge to find him. After all, he is just another lost thing, right? As she delves deeper and deeper into the case, she quickly works out that the stakes in this case are higher than ever.

Finding the lost thing has never been so personal or difficult before. If Em finds her father, does that mean she can be found too?

In the first of the Keeper Series, meet the first of the damaged residents of Lakeside. You might never think the same way about things again.

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