The INN: Twists and Turns in a Desert Oasis

Written by Arye Dreyfus

In a rocky, half-forgotten part of the Negev, an isolated inn shelters people who feel they have let themselves waste away.

The battered site doesn’t offer the amenities of a structured therapeutic doctrine or the benefits of the wisdom of the sages.

As there are no political or religious allegiances or any public financial support, no inhibiting barriers taint Neve Dror; its callers succeed every morning to create a new human mosaic. Amazingly, in spite of its unsophisticated ways, the inn’s unwritten motto, “You are all you have”, comes true more often than not.

Men and women, young and old, world famous as well as social underdogs, agnostic Jews and devout Christians, manual workers and troubadours, self-made local businessman and rich foreign heirs all rub shoulders with each other as equals in their foster home. They are all too wise to the ways of the world to expect the scars on their back to quickly melt away in their strange new haven. And yet, despite the harsh surroundings, dreams breezily transform into reality and resignation becomes a heresy.

The Igloo in the desert – the museum they all help conjure up and create – hails from far far away. So far away that in this part of the world, at the desert inn, nothing is illusory; not even an impossible love story between a Vatican priest and an Israeli hairdresser.

The inn at Neve Dror however is not another made up legend, just a mere description.

At this inn you will be taken by a fascinating tale, the story of people striving to reclaim their lost identity.


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