The Inhibited

Written by Jay Saph

Two elderly scientists hide a dark secret. Twenty-five years earlier they were part of a UK government which legalised all recreational drugs. After only two years, the controversial law, ‘The Fairfield Act, 2016’ was repealed. The aftermath was disastrous.

Now, it is 2042. No one speaks of the past. The UK is part of the Northern Zone, controlled from London-Centre, a utilitarian megacity rebuilt for the new order. Citizens in the Northern Zone live only according to the Prime Directives. They’ve lost the ability to create. For them, pleasure is a forgotten emotion.

‘The Inhibited’ is a futuristic tale following the life of Declan Smith, a young aggrieved student intent on uncovering the truth. Smith believes the key to political change lies in understanding the past, but he soon finds out the greater challenge is the discovery of his own soul.


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