The Infant Conspiracy: Revised (The Oberllyn trilogy)

Written by J.Traveler Pelton
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Noel and Violet Oberllyn spent their adult careers working special ops for the U.S. government, which was a family tradition, going way back. After forty years of it, all they wanted was a peaceful retirement in the country. Just as it seemed that dream might happen, a planned series of events forced their over achieving adult children to return home to live with the folks – all four of them with spouses in tow, each driven from their homes by different aspects of a government that had gone crazy. Kai, a geneticist, with Zyanya his wife, Gabriel, a bomb expert turned nurse with their grandson little Gabe, Jasmine, a forensic psychiatrist married to Scott, a CPA, join their little sibs still living at home, Micah, an autistic savant and Serena, an artist, in uncovering a secretive group of people led by the Ice Lady whose main goal appears to be to take the earth’s population down from 7 billion to 500 million within the next 10 years. Having infiltrated the governments of most developed countries, and having released an airborne anti-fertility virus that rapidly spread across the planet, the Brotherhood succeeded in forcing a zero fertility rate. In the meantime, the economy of the U.S. tanked, the government sells all citizens who have debt into slavery within a system so harsh that civil disorder breaks out. Serenity Retreat Center is forced to become a slave labor camp and the family is forced back into special service to save the Center, their tribe, the United States and humanity from destruction. This was not going to be the quiet retirement they planned….


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