The Impossible Medallion (The Diary of Janie Ray Book 1)

Written by Lila Segal

Hi! My name is Janie Ray, and I’m eleven years old. When I first got this diary from my mom, I didn’t think I’d have all that much to write about – except for the usual stuff about my little brother RJ (who ALWAYS messes up my things, and never gets in trouble!) and my best friend Sheila.

But then really strange things started happening. Like this medallion I found when I was seven turned out to have an inscription on it – in a secret language I made up with Sheila just THIS YEAR! Let’s just say my life isn’t so boring anymore. And that’s an understatement.

Join me as I explore the hidden mysteries of the medallion, while figuring out how to deal with Marcia the Snob, my little brother RJ, and even my mom – who always looks nice and doesn’t understand how hard things can be when you’re eleven!!!

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