The Homemade Bread Baking – How To Bake Delicious, Healthy Bread At Your Home (Baking Essentials Book 1)

Written by Owen Palmer

Baking bread is extremely simple..if you read this book

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At it’s core bread is made from flour, water, yeast and time. It is in the way that these different elements and the addition of a few other ingredients that create the vast differences between different kinds of bread.

With a few exceptions bread does not want to be too dense or else it becomes unpalatable, and the whole process from the mixing of the dough right until it is placed into a very hot oven is designed to get the most out of this leavening to create the perfect texture of bread.

This book provides an introduction to baking artisan style breads at home. However, this is just the beginning—beyond these few simple recipes lies a world of different types of breads to explore and many different ways to experiment. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn with Bread Baking Guide:

  • You will find detailed and specific instructions
  • More breads receipts than sandviches
  • You will know what the dough would look and feel like
  • The recipes themselves are easy to follow
  • All about the basic ingredients and equipment that you might need
  • Basic and PRO bread recipes
  • Introduction to gluten free bread

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