The Haunted House Clown and other True Horror Stories: The True Horror Collection Volume One

Written by Raven Reece


The Haunted House Clown.
Four friends encounter a creepy clown at a carnival, but all is not as it seems.
The Man in the Dark Car.
A girl leaves a party and walks home alone. It isn’t long before she realises that the night holds many dangers.
The Picture Book.
A man breaks into a house with the intention to steal items to fund his drug habit. He finds a picture book. The images contained within haunt him to this day…
Never Play Hide and Seek in an Abandoned House.
A harmless game of hide and seek turns into a terrifying encounter with a dark stranger.
I Found Something Terrifying: The Wheelie Bin.
A wheelie bin filled with rubbish outside an abandoned house contains evidence of a terrifying mystery that remains unsolved to this day.
I Should Have Told Someone.
A normal babysitting experience takes a sudden dark turn.
The Intruder.
A young woman living alone notices her underwear is going missing. There’s no sign of a break-in. Is she in danger, or going insane?
The Girl Hiding in the Bushes.
A young woman driving home late at night notices a lone female walking along the side of the road…
The Clown at my Door.
A mentally disturbed man terrorises the residents of a block of flats in England.
The Cop.
A young woman is driving home from the late shift along a rural road when the flashing red and blue lights behind her indicate a cop trying to pull her over. But is he a cop?

Volume Two of The True Horror Collection coming 16th March 2018


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