The Greater Weight of Glory: A Memoir

Written by Robin Farnsworth

“That’s my son!” These three words were the tidal wave that destroyed the entire landscape of Robin Farnsworth’s life, an ER nurse on duty when she identified the dead man on the stretcher.

Growing up in the shadow of death after the loss of her brother, Robin understood the devastation that the death of a child causes. “Where is God?” the eight-year-old girl asks the night sky. As her family crumbles, she runs away, only to come crashing to her knees years later. Broken, alcoholic, and a single mom, she finally gets her answer through a divine appointment with Jesus Christ.

Years later, her oldest son, Spencer, would also surrender to Christ, exchanging a life of rage and violence for a transforming peace and freedom. Spencer lived his faith with an unusual passion and urgency that would produce an eternal harvest of changed lives beyond his death. At age twenty-one, he was the unintended target of murder.

Where is God? The answer is surprising as the author brings you alongside of her in the midst of monumental pain and darkness, discovering not just where God is, but who he is. This is a story of rescue and redemption, of the power of forgiveness and faith within a mother and her son; two broken and imperfect lives that are intercepted by a loving and almighty God.


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