The Great Sugar War (The Land without Color Book 2)

Written by Benjamin Ellefson
Category: · Children’s Books

What Would You Do If You Found Yourself In the Middle of An Epic War,
And You Knew The Way to Save the Kingdom?

When Otto’s 12th birthday present carries him across a strange sea, he finds himself in an astonishing land, smack dab in the middle of an epic war. A combat between the Kingdom of Color, and the Kingdom of Shapes.

The ravages of war have stripped the land of color and Otto’s only hope of bringing the brilliant hues of light and life back to the land is to defeat the sugar soldiers. Escape from the gnome factory. Outwit the war inspectors. And of course, convince the grasshoppers the vital importance of eating their greens.

In, The Great Sugar War, the second book of the multi-award winning, Land Without Color series, Benjamin Ellefson once again has crafted a whimsical, captivating middle grade fantasy tale full of action and adventure that will whisk readers off to a land beyond their imagination and go deep into their heart for ages.


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