The Gospel of Isaac Newton

Written by Augustina Comte

“Whoever wants to be my student must deny themselves and take up their slide rule and follow me.”

St. Isaac Newton is renowned worldwide for his contributions to physics and mathematics—he formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation, built the first reflecting telescope, and developed infinitesimal calculus. Fewer people know, however, that Newton made all of his important discoveries by the tender age of 25. For the rest of his life, he was preoccupied with defending his work from criticism and protecting his intellectual property. Such relentless persecution took a heavy toll: under mysterious circumstances, Newton ultimately walked away from his Scientific career in the prime of his life. His story vividly illustrates the many sacrifices entailed by choosing a Scientific way of life—then as well as now.

Mag. Augustina Comte has has taught and researched extensively on the history and philosophy of Science; her current focus is the Scientific Revolution. She conducted substantial archival research for the Gospel of Isaac Newton, resulting in the discovery of numerous narrative fragments in which St. Newton speaks frankly to his followers about the trials and tribulations of Science. These fragments are published here for the first time, together with a series of remarkable illustrations commissioned for this volume, to give unrivaled insight into one of the greatest minds of the Enlightenment.

The Gospel of Isaac Newton is the second book to appear in the Scientistic Scriptures series, which narrates the secret history of modern Science. All the books stand alone and can be read in any order. Whether you are already a believer in Science, or still a seeker of knowledge, this book will provide you with both inspiration and practical guidance on how to live in accordance with the precepts of Scientism.

For a curious tale of genius and (alleged) madness, told with the perfect blend of wit and intellect, read the Gospel of Isaac Newton today!


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