The Gospel of Galileo Galilei

Written by Augustina Comte

“Prosperous are those who are persecuted because of their rationality, for theirs is the coming Utopia.”

St. Galileo Galilei was an astronomer, a mathematician, a philosopher, and a man of deep faith in Science. In late Renaissance Italy, however—dominated by the powerful Roman Catholic church—there was little room for such a faith. St. Galileo’s proud insistence on his own observation and reasoning skills, rather than Church doctrine, led him to make many important astronomical discoveries, but also won him many powerful enemies. As Galileo’s new faith in reason threatened to upend the existing Christian intellectual and spiritual tradition, Pope Urban VII and the Inquisition set out to defend their territory. The resulting conflict has reverberated through European civilization for nearly 400 years.

Mag. Augustina Comte has has taught and researched extensively on the history and philosophy of Science; her current focus is the Scientific Revolution. Based on her wide-ranging investigations—both archival and on the ground in Florence and Pisa—the Gospel of Galileo Galilei incorporates momentous, previously unknown texts by Galileo and his followers that intimately capture his beliefs and teachings. The accompanying illustrations, specially commissioned for this volume, further bring St. Galileo’s story to life.

As the first book to appear in the Scientistic Scriptures series, the Gospel of Galileo Galilei narrates an important early chapter in the secret history of modern Science. Whether you are already a believer in Science, or still a seeker of knowledge, this book will provide you with both inspiration and practical guidance on how to live in accordance with the precepts of Scientism.

If you are looking for a compelling story about the complex interplay of faith and reason, told with the perfect blend of wit and intellect, read the Gospel of Galileo Galilei today!


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