The Girl Who Walked in the Shadow of the King: Finding God in the Journey

Written by Shelly Busby

“God, where are you?”

Virtually anyone who has felt traumatized by life has asked this question. Shelly Busby provides the answer in an inspiring story of God’s redemptive power at work in a real life, beautiful, messy family.

The Girl Who Walked in the Shadow of the King will encourage and empower any woman who has experienced brokenness for any reason—sexual abuse, depression, divorce, childhood trauma, unrealized dreams—and found herself wondering, Can life ever feel whole and beautiful again?

The answer—as Shelly shows us in the pages of her empowering and timely story—is yes.

From the back cover:

There once was a girl who walked in the shadow of a King.

Not that she knew it. Not at first, anyway.

After Shelly’s idyllic childhood was shattered by events beyond her control, she felt abandoned, ashamed, and alone.

Then she discovered a truth so powerful that nothing would ever be the same–not her past, not her memories, and especially not her future.

Shelly tells a true story of woundedness and redemption from an unexpected perspective. Her story will resonate with anyone who has ever felt broken by life and cried out, “God, where are you?”

The answer, when we finally see it, changes everything.


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